Class Folders for Instructors

Service Description

  • Instructors may request the creation of class folders on a per-semester basis for classes taught in the Academic Computing Facility.
  • Folder names are established based on the course rubric and the semester in which it is being taught. For example, a folder for ACE 161 taught in the Spring of 2018 would be displayed as ACE161 (Sp18).
  • By default, class folders will be set up so that course instructors will be able to make changes, but regular computer lab users will only be able to read (not modify) the contents of the folder. This is an excellent way to distribute sample documents and templates.

Additional Features

Multiple Instructors

Folders may be created for each instructor. These folders would be placed within the larger class folder, and would be named according to the instructor’s last name (unless otherwise requested).

Drop Box

We can also create a hand-in folder, or drop box. A drop box allows a lab user to drop a file in a folder without seeing the contents of the folder. Instructors can then retrieve the documents. (A good way to handle collecting electronic assignments or exams)

Shared Folder

We can create a shared folder which gives the instructor and students full read/write access so everyone can add or remove documents from the folder. This permission setting facilitates group work and collaboration. Students have the ability to edit documents within the folder and share them with each other or with the instructor. A list of student NetIDs will need to be supplied by the instructor to use this option (more info on request form).


  • Class folders (and related services) will only be available to students when present in the ACES Academic Computing Facility.
  • The folder will be available for the length of the term. After the semester has concluded, instructors will have 2 weeks to make copies of any files they wish to retain. After 2 weeks, all folders and files will be archived offline.