Guest Accounts

Service Description

  • Guest accounts are available for those who are not affiliated with the University, allowing users to securely log onto workstations and use the printing system provided by the Academic Computing Facility.
  • Only a member of University faculty or staff may request the creation of guest accounts for an individual or group.
  • There are two types of guest accounts available: guest accounts with printing or guest accounts without printing.
    • Guest accounts without printing are free. Users will be able to login to the computers and use the software but they will not be able to print.
    • Guest accounts with printing cost $4 each (minimum). This will include the guest account login and $4 of printing credit. If you would like more than $4 printing credit, you can choose any amount higher (and be charged for that amount). Printing credits are non-refundable.
    • Please specify on the form which type of account you need.
  • Each guest account comes with a unique username and password.


  • Guest accounts will remain active for the time frame specified by the requestor.

Form Deadline

  • Guest accounts should be requested at least 2 weeks prior to first use. This advanced notice will allow ACF Staff to create, test, and distribute the guest account information in a timely manner.