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ACES Academic Computing Facility


How to Print

  1. Select either ACF-HP-BW or ACF-HP-COLOR and click print on any lab machine
  2. Go to either north or south release station located in the general use area and log in
  3. Once logged in, find your print job and click to release it.

Additional Information

  • Printing is now possible via Web Printing. This allows users to print from their personal devices from any location. After clicking the link above, select "Web Print"
  • Printing is available for all students, faculty, and staff at the University.
    • Students can login and print. They will be billed to their personal accounts after printing. If you selected to use Illini Cash at a different lab on campus, then you will be charged using your Illini Cash funds. Illini Cash can be purchased here.
    • Faculty and staff will need to contact us in order to purchase print credit.
  • Printers:
    • 2 HP LaserJet 4515s - laser, black & white
    • 2 HP LaserJet 4700s - laser, color

  • Duplex, or double-sided printing, is available on all printers (a two page document will print to the front and back of one piece of paper). Users will still be charged for two pages when using this option. Visit our Duplex Printing How-to page for detailed instructions on how to use this feature.


  • Black & white printing is $0.10 per page. Color printing is $0.40 per page.
  • You are only charged once you release your print job from a release station. You are not charged from hitting "Print" on a lab machine.

Print Credits

  • Print credits are available for jobs that do not release correctly. Credits may be awarded for the following reasons:

    • Job does not come out of printer
    • Job comes out but paper is torn
    • Job comes out but toner is low and print quality is affected
    • Paper has smearing

    Credits will not be awarded for the following:

    • User prints wrong job
    • User accidentally releases another person’s print job
    • User prints to wrong printer (e.g., user wants color, but chooses black and white)
    • User prints in black and white on the color printer
    • User prints too many pages/copies
    • Page is missing an element (such as a graphic)

  • If job printed but was torn, etc. user must surrender unacceptable document or no credit will be issued.
  • Print credit requests that do not fall into one of the above categories will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please see a help desk attendant if you would like to request a print credit.
  • Please note: the attendants are not issuing a print credit, they are only submitting a request for approval or denial.