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ACES Academic Computing Facility

Remote Desktop with a Windows PC

If you are not in a University building, you must use the CITES Virtual Private Networking (VPN). For instructions on how to do this, visit the CITES VPN website.

If you are in a University buidling, you do not need to use the VPN.

From your start menu select All Programs\Accessories\Remote Desktop Connection.

Remote Desktop Connection

Click here to see a list of available machines.

Once you have selected a machine, copy & paste or type its name into the Remote Desktop Connection window.

Remote Desktop Connection

Click the 'Connect' button.

You should now see the ACF logon screen. It should say "Log on to UOFI" below the password field. This is the domain you want to log into. If it says ACES or UIUC, put "UOFI\" before your netid.

At this point, you should logon to the computer using your netID and Campus Active Directory (AD) password - just as if you were physically sitting in the lab.

ACF Logged In


To Modify the Resolution

You can change the resolution of the Remote Desktop window.

Before you login, select 'Options' from the Remote Desktop Connection window

Remote Desktop Options

From the 'Options' window, select the 'Display' tab.

Remote Desktop Display Options

From this window you can select which resolution you wish to use for the Remote Desktop application.



By default, this Remote Desktop program is set to print to the local printer (at your home, dorm, etc.).

To verify this, click 'Options' again, and select the 'Local Resources' tab.

Remote Desktop Local Resources

Note that under the 'Local Resources' tab, 'Printers' is checked.



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