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ACES Academic Computing Facility

New Printing System

The ACES Academic Computing Facility is pleased to announce that we have installed a new printing system in order to better serve you.

The previous system was ten years old, and while it still worked, we felt that it was time to update it. Under the new system, the $5 initial charge has been eliminated. Instead of buying a credit of $5 to print against, you will accrue charges for what you print and be billed afterwards. So, if you print twenty-two pages, you will only be billed for those pages. The printing charge will still show up on your student bill as usual.

Any balance that you had left from the previous print system has been transferred to the new system. So if you had $1.40 left on your account from a previous semester you will be able to use it to print with the new system. You can login to view your account information.

Prices are $0.08 for black and white and $0.35 for color. Duplex printing is still available. More complete printing information is available on our Printing Services page.

As an additional benefit, you will no longer need to use your i-card to print. You only need to login to the print system to release your job.

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