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ACES Academic Computing Facility

iMac Tips

All of the iMacs in the ACES ACF are dual boot. This means that you can run either Mac OS X or Windows on the iMac. To login to the Mac OS X side, simply click on the Mac OS X screen. To login to the Windows side, click the Windows screen.

pick your OS


When you sit down, if the computer is on the Windows logon screen (as seen below), you can login to the Windows side. If you want to login to the Mac OS X side, you must restart the computer by pressing control, alt, delete and then clicking on the red icon on the bottom right of the screen. From there you can select restart.

restart screen


The 'control', 'alt', and 'delete' keys are in slightly different positions on the Mac keyboard than they are on the Dell keyboards. As you can see below, the control and alt keys are next to each other. Please use control, alt, delete to login to the Windows side or to restart the machine when it is in Windows.

control alt delete


The Apple mice do not have right and left buttons, but they do have the ability to right and left click. They are a little touchy, but if you place your fingers on the areas indicated by green on the image below you will be able to right and left click.

mac mouse


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