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Click this link to see a tutorial video of DemoHelper.

DemoHelper is an application that allows you to draw on your screen as well as zoom to a specific area. It is great for instructors who want to call attention to a specific portion of their PowerPoint presentation or for those who want to zoom in on a complicated formula in SAS. This program can be found by clicking Start> Programs.

DemoHelper icon

Once DemoHelper has been opened, it runs unobtrusively in the system tray at the bottom right hand of the screen. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+1 engages the zoom feature of DemoHelper. Hitting Esc takes you back to the normal view. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+2 engages the drawing feature. With this running, you can now use your mouse as you would any writing utensil. To change the color of the tool, simply use the mouse’s scroll wheel. Hitting Esc will bring your regular cursor back and erase your drawing from the screen.

DemoHelper screen shot

If you want to save your drawing or zoomed in view, you can press Alt+Print Screen. This takes a picture of your screen and puts it on the clipboard. Next, press Esc to exit from your drawing. Then open MS Paint and paste the screen shot into it. You can now save or edit this picture as needed.

A complete list of the programs available at the ACF can be found on our Software page.

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